Meet the Team

The Home Based Support Team.

Heather Fawbert – Chief Executive

Peter Barr – Fairplay Chair

Michelle Tait – Children’s Community Nurse

Office Team

Heather Nicklin – Finance Officer

Charlotte Shore – Team Leader

Tony Duly – Fairplay Co-ordinator

Cally Hewer – Fairplay Co-ordinator

Elaine Pauk – Children’s Co-ordinator

John Chambers – Centre Co-ordinator & Management Clerical Support

Paula Gaging – Finance & Clerical Support

Tom Boden – Youth Co-ordinator, Volunteers & Clerical Support

Rosie Abbott – Clerical Assistant

Maddie Balmer – Clerical Assistant

Amy Facer – Apprentice Receptionist

Ben Attenborough – Cleaner

Independent Living Group Project Workers

Kathryn Anderson – Independent Living Group Project Worker

Kathy Fletcher – Independent Living Group Project Worker

Janet Goodwin – Independent Living Group Project Worker

Independent Living Group Plus Workers

Kevin McTighe – Independent Living Group Plus Project Worker

Kay Watts – Independent Living Group Plus Project Worker

Paula Thackray – Overnight Support Worker

Alan Grocutt – Overnight Support Worker & Team Member

Jane Marklew – Team Member

Team Members

Jenny Swarbrick – Team Member

Lauren Hall – Team Member

Lauren Gaynor – Team Member

Jim Bannister – Team Member

Adrianne Warwick – Team Member

Laura Haywood – Team Member

Ryan Kemmitt – Team Member

Ellie Dickens – Team Member

Alex Tomlinson – Team Member

Avril Hart – Overnight Support Worker & Team Member

Claire Kirwan – Team Member

Janet Lea – Team Member

Jess Young – Team Member

Julie Goacher – Team Member

Lesley Brennan – Team Member

Stef Bambridge – Team Member

Chris Havenhand – Team Member

Emily Haynes – Team Member

Kerry Sadler – Team Member

Megan Johnson – Team Member

Samantha Young – Team Member

Dion Shore – Trainee Assistant Team Member

Mika Pickles – Apprentice Team Member

dma-fairplayMeet the Team